We expand businesses globally with legal structures in the US and comprehensive company management, including incorporation and banking access

Finance consulting

Business Consulting

We help people and companies that want to sell products or services around the world, through a vehicle or structure based in the United States. We assist our clients in their first steps and business decisions, so that they can have an appropriate corporate structure and can access the banking system in the US. We manage your company in the United States and assist you in administration through our network of top-level professional suppliers.


Incorporation of Companies

Set up of Companies Advice, set up and registration of an LLC or a Corp. in any state of the US (Delaware, Wyoming, Florida, Texas, etc.), to channel any business providing services, selling products, investing in real estate or financial investment.

Management and execution are 100% remote

100% remote management and execution. Physical presence in the US is not required for the corporate constitution and for the opening of a bank account.

Corporate Registration and Quick Procedures

Agility for corporate registration, obtaining tax code (EIN) and bank opening.

Optimization of the tax burden

Advice on tax treatment and the use of advantages and exemptions and lower rates.

Tax Exemption for Foreign Companies in the US

Tax exemption: companies incorporated in the US by foreigners, that do not provide services in the US and do not have offices or personnel and no part of the business sets foot in the territory of the US, have relevant tax advantages in said country.

Privacy and Confidentiality in US Business Records

Privacy and confidentiality: advice on the convenience of registration in different states of the US, depending on the objective sought.

Open your bank account
in the US

Advice and assistance for a 100% remote opening in banks licensed in the US. Openings do not require physical presence at any time in the US and can be carried out by individuals, foreign companies or companies based in the US. The effective opening is subject to the final approval of each financial institution in compliance with its Know Your Client requirements and AML/CFT Policies.

Open Your Investment Account
in the US

Advice and assistance for opening investment accounts in registered Broker Dealers in the US, without the need for physical presence.

Complementary services

  • Physical address in the US for companies

  • Reception and forwarding of relevant correspondence (IRS-Corporate Registry)

  • Annual report filing and register agency services

  • Filing of BEA and FINCEN Reports

  • Modification and addendums to corporate documents

  • Obtaining Good Standing and other Certificates in Corporate Registries.

About us

HELPI FINANCE provides Business Consulting Services to people and companies in Latin America and Europe, with the aim of helping them in the planning and start-up of businesses in the United States.

HELPI FINANCE CONSULTING LLC is a privately held business consulting firm.

Founded in 2020, headquartered in Miami, Florida. We have a wide network of clients, intermediaries and suppliers around the world.


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HELPI Finance Consulting LLC is registered in Florida, U.S. The content of this website does not constitute a purchase offer nor a sell request and does not constitute the basis for any contract or compromise assumed as investment. HELPI Finance Consulting LLC is a private consulting services company and does not provide financial advisory for investment decisions. HELPI FINANCE provides services as an intermediary to facilitate legal and banking procedures in the United States of America